Intermediate Advanced Class - The Wild Swans


Intermediate Advanced Class - The Wild Swans

This level is for dancers with more experience, who feel confident, who have technical knowledge and fairly fluent in the rhythmical language around the dance form. You have probably attended in works shops several times before.

*Please keep in mind that these descriptions are written to be a guide for you, when you register. The teachers might move you to the right level for you, if they spot, that your skills are more suited for a different level, than you signed up for.

Participating in this class gives you free admission to all The Ugly Duckling Parties – Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
Included is common lunch on Saturday, common brunch on Sunday and Taster Classes  



Regular - 1300 DKK / 170 Euro plus bank fee



Saturday 10.00 - 16.30

Sunday 12.00 – 16.00 

All in all 8 hours of classes

See Schedule for a visual overview