Teachers - 2020

This year we have the pleasure of welcoming teachers from around the World.
We are inviting previous successes and new inspirations.

This years new dancemoves are imported by wonderfull teachers from Copenhagen to Buenos Aires.




Ajax & Marco

Berlin, Germany

Johanna Ajax Andrade fell in love with Lindy hop at the age of 15 and figured out that for her to afford to take as many classes as she wanted, she had to start teaching. She has tought with various members from the Harlem Hot Shot in Stockholm and with local teachers in various events and dance schools in Europe and South America. With love for movement she combines styles influenced from Jazz and Latin rhythms. She loves the rawness only a really good swingout can provide. 

Marco Dietz started dancing at a young age at Rockabilly events across Europe. In 2007 he went to his first Swing event and fell in love with the music, the Lindy hop and all the other Swing dances e.g. Collegiate Shag, St. Louis Shag, Balboa, to name a few. Since 2008 he travelled around Europe and abroad to dance whenever there was a chance. In 2011 he brought Swing Patrol to Berlin. And since then Marco have been teaching a lot of local classes and abroad in Europe and the World. Marco adopts the philosophy that dancing should always be full of joy!

Ajaximage001 1 




Naja & Mark

Sønderborg, Denmark

Naja started dancing Lindy Hop in Århus in 2011. Immediately she feel in love with the dance and in 2012 she started teaching. Along side she danced in an african dance troop finding inspiration to play around to the rhythms in the music.
In the autumn 2019 she has started teaching Lindy in Sønderborg and together with Mark she is working on developing a Lindy hop scene there. The very most important thing to Naja while both dancing and teaching is to have fun and enjoy the interaction in the dance.

Mark joined the local Lindy Hop scene in Aarhus in 2010, and quickly realised that the swing fever was there to stay. 

After teaching in Aarhus for 8 years and attending several workshops around Europe, he moved  from Århus and in 2019 he started a new Lindy Hop community i Sønderborg together with Naja.




Kit & Birk

Copenhagen, Denmark

Kit Blædel has been dancing the Lindy Hop since 2006, introducing the Charleston to the Copenhagen dance scene. She is teaching Lindy Hop and Charleston in Swingshoes, Copenhagen. Her background is african dance and her dance is characterised by the joy of playing with rhythm and using the body naturaly and feminine. Her focus is technique, personal expression and classic movement. 

Birk Søde Christiansen started to dance and teach hip hop/show dance and electronic dances at the age of 15. In 2011 he attended a social dance in lindyhop in his local dance scene in Odense. Since then he has taught in Odense and has now moved to Copenhagen where he has taught since 2017.

"For me, jazz dance is the meaning of life." "I like to keep it simple and bring back the roots of the dance” “Scatting, musicality and the 3-minute love in a social dance is the most important thing for me" Birk says. 

Kit BlædelBirk




 Olga & Alex

Brussels , Belgium

Olga Moiseeva is a virtuoso social dancer, instructor and performer of Lindy Hop and other dances of swing jazz era influenced by the authentic styles passed on to our generation by its originators and those who learned directly from them. It is her mission to continue working within the rich culture of swing dancing and teach her students “the real thing”.  She has been dancing Lindy hop for more than 15 years, having picked up the bug in Herräng Dance Camp. After working for many years with Moscow swing dancers, today you can spot her teaching regular classes in Belgian cities of Brussels and Ghent, traveling with workshops internationally, and performing at many swing dance events.

As a historian and researcher, she often hosts or gives lectures and seminars on swing era culture and traditions, be that music or dance history, society influence or vintage fashion. Given her experience with successfully growing swing dance communities, in 2014 she participated in the scene leaders panel at Frankie100 festival in New York.

Alex Kuznetsov explores the dance through his passion towards music of big swing orchestras and rhythm improvisation. His dancing journey started in 2007 and since then he never really stopped chasing the best Lindy and jazz dancers in the world and soaking the knowledge from them like a sponge. He constantly looks for inspiration from vintage clips with dance originators from Harlem ballrooms, which he applies then on the social dance floor, on the stage and in the classrooms. Having been raised with team sports taking a large part of his life, Alex always liked competing, practicing and coaching. No surprise the wild numbers of Whitey’s Lindy Hoppers immediately caught his attention and ignited his fascination with high-tempo, athletically and rhythmically challenging performances and comedy-like attitude. He likes to say, “If Lindy hop doesn’t make you smile, you are doing it wrong!”





Katharina & Florian

Copenhagen, Denmark and Berlin, Germany

Katharina Duarte has been dancing and playing music since childhood. Starting with the violin at the age of 5 she has played, sung and danced her way through music schools and dance studios. At home, she grew up on Louis Armstrong and Benny Goodman.

Her love for dancing and teaching lindy hop and solo jazz shines trough in her classes that are known for great energy, passion for music and focus on connection with students on all levels.

Florian Klein began learning Lindy Hop because he loved music and was willing to learn the proper movements. Therefore, he was keen to keep to the musicality of the songs. He had fun from the very beginning and did not so much care about how perfect his posture was or how to show the fanciest moves. Instead, he just wanted to enjoy the dance itself and make his partner smile. Still, it is not only fun that matters. Dancing to music requires fundamentals and skills. Before starting to dance, Florian worked as a musician, which may now help him better connect the two art forms. At present, he teaches weekly in Berlin and enjoys traveling to workshops all over Europe with the aim to learn, teach, compete and dance until dawn.

Katharina Duarte solojazzIMG 6911




Gabriela & Manuel

Gabriela Bangueses started dancing in 2008, venturing into Rock and Roll and Tango.
In 2009 she discovered Swing, so she started taking regular classes and seminars of Lindy Hop, Authentic Jazz, Balboa and Shag with local and international teachers.
She began teaching Lindy Hop classes in 2015 and since then she has participated in different events such as Frankie Ba, Buenos Aires Swing Championship and Buenos Aires Jazz Festival.
Between 2016 and 2019 he traveled to Sweden to the Hërrang Dance Camp festival to continue improving, taking classes in Lindy Hop, authentic Jazz, Boogie Woogie and Balboa with the most outstanding dancers of the international scene.
She also was part of different choreographic groups.
She currently organizes the weekly Swing After Office cycle and works as a dancer and teacher for Lindy Hop and Boogie.

Manuel Bicain began swing dancing in 2003. He has taken theater, contact improvisation and circus classes for several years. He also studied tap and body percussion, disciplines in which he continues to be immersed. When he began to internalize in the world of traditional Jazz and improvisation, he found the ideal medium to express himself and share his art with the people around him. Manuel adds to his local training, the condiment of having taught courses with the best dancers in the world and having participated with the incredible and inspiring Mariel Gastiarena, in competitions in Europe and the United States.

He participated in different shows as Swing

    frankie GABY Gaby3