Friday Party


Check in

Check in is open from 18:00 - 20:30
There is space for your luggage in the basement at the location, at your own risk.

If you signed up for the Beginners Class - Clumsy Hans, your first class is at 19:00 - 20:00 at Dance Hall 1(Upstairs),
so you will be ready to make your first moves on the dance floor this evening.

Don't miss this intro"duck"tion to Lindy Hop!




 “African Warm Up”  with Kit Blædel

Let’s kick of the weekend with an hour of singing, dancing and handclapping from Tanzania in East Africa.
African dance and music are much more than energy and loud drumming - it’s a way to celebrate and create a community and enjoy each other.
Kit has been dancing and singing in Denmark and Tanzania for many years, and she is looking forward to passing the magic of music and togetherness to you.


Friday 19.00 – 20.00



Friday Party

Friday night at 20:30 e welcome you to Odense with a big party with live music, DJ and a bar with reasonable prices, after checking in at the welcome spot.

On Friday you might be hungry when you arrive.
This year you don't have to go far, to get your dinner.
In front of the dance school you will find the KAO Thai Food Truck, where you can find different meals.

Book your ticket in advance via our registration system price 165,-
It is NOT possible to buy ticket at the entrance.



Mydtskov Swing 5

Mydtskov Swing 5 is a band that consists of highly experienced jazz musicians.
All have been educated at the music academies of Odense or Copenhagen and they have been active in the Danish music scene for many years, in different constellations and in different genres

In this orchestra the jazz is played with a great intensity and energy, perfected for dancing. The repertory consists of classics from the American and Danish range.


Members of the band:
Sidsel Marie Søholm - vocal
Hans Mydskov - tenorsax
Morten Nordal - guitar
Torben Bjørnskov - string bass
Chano Olskær - drum



DJ "Chris Bee"

Swing DJ "Chris Bee" is from Germany, engaged as swing dj for years.
Christian has been dancing Lindy Hop since 1999,
and swing music has accompanied him ever since.
From 2010 onwards, He has attended international workshops.
As a swing DJ and dance teacher for Lindy Hop,
he have been on the road in the north of Germany for seven years.
Since 2020 he have been running his own dance school,
Swing Goes Studio, as an independent dance teacher.

He has been playing swing at "Kieler Woche" a ten-day open-air festival since 2015
and allready teaches Lindy Hop not only in his hometown. swing-in-preetz

He is looking forward to the Ugly Duckling Festival 2023 and playing the Swing for us on Friday evening!

See you around, your "Swing Goes - DJ Chris".


Swing DJ Werbung




Time and Place

Beginners Introduction 19:00 - 20:00
African Warm Up 19.00 - 20.00
Welcome and Friday Party 20:30 – 01:00
OSF/OASK Danseskole
Rugårdsvej 15 A (Red pin)
5000 Odense C